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Luke Cartwright, United Kingdom

Photographer  |  Adventurer

 A photograph taken through a lens in Luke's hands captures a simple and timeless aesthetic. His unique style of photography transports you to a simple time away from the noise and craziness of everyday life.

Beginning as a hobby for Luke, photography led him on a journey from having no real concept of what it was to an understanding of the power that it has to resonate with people. "...and that's fascinating to me" says Cartwright.

"Motivation and inspiration in photography is always subjective. What inspires me is making the everyday normal look beautiful and interesting."  

"We all sometimes fall into the trap of thinking we need new lenses or different cameras to be able to create something that inspires us. But what better opportunity could you have to challenge your inner creativity by testing it using something you have with you every single day."

"In this age, this fast paced environment that everybody subconsciously finds themselves in, it's nice to stop and think for a minute. If one of my images creates enough intrigue for somebody to stop and look at it, then I think that's one of the biggest compliments you can get."

Rae's Santa Monica, California

Luke's travels recently included a trip to the American Southwest. "I used my phone and the Olloclip system to document our trip and adventure in a successful attempt to prove that there's no excuse not to challenge yourself and your inner creativity. I believe everyone has the ability in their own way to create something they can keep, share and talk about with as little or as much effort as one is willing to put in.

See more of Luke's portfolio on his website and get to know him on Instagram.                @lukecartwright

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Luke Cartwright

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