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How it works.

Have you ever wanted a picture of your family at a table and find yourself leaning back over the table next to you to fit everyone in? Attaching our olloclip Super-Wide Lens to your phone using one of our patented clips solves that problem. From turning your phone into a microscope to making it have a Fisheye view, our lenses enhance your mobile camera's perspective, allowing you to see beyond the capabilities of your device. Altering a photo using an app or the phone’s digital zoom cannot duplicate the optical physics built into every one of our award-winning lenses. Check out what our Super-Wide Lens can do in the video below to see why mobile photographers all over the world rely on olloclip for those once in a lifetime shots when all you have with you is your phone:

The lens system.

Our lenses are designed to swap in and out of a clip, which is then mounted onto your device.

We offer device-specific clips for iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS MaxiPhone 8/7iPhone 8/7 Plus and iPhone SE. For other devices, we offer the Multi-Device Clip.


How to use one of our clips.

Super-Wide Essential Lens.

Janice and Robert were enjoying their trip to Rome. On one street, they found themselves in front of a beautiful cathedral with the sun just behind the bell tower making the perfect conditions for a photo. They had their mobile phones, but the buildings behind them did not allow them to get enough distance to frame the entire scene. Fortunately, Janice had purchased an olloclip Super-Wide lens system for Robert’s iPhone X before they left and Robert had brought it with him that morning. Quickly attaching it to his iPhone, Robert was able to frame the entire cathedral and snap the perfect photo. Now, a large version of that photo is prominently displayed in their living room.

Ultra-Wide Essential Lens.

Randy is an avid skateboarder. He and his friends like to set up their phones to record their tricks. The problem is that sometimes the sessions cover an area larger than what the phone can capture. Randy’s grandmother, Agnes, noticed the problem and bought Randy an olloclip Ultra-Wide lens system. Randy can place his phone on its mount, attach the Ultra-Wide lens and capture every bit of the sessions. Now, Randy can send the video to Agnes and she can see the whole session just like she was there watching in person.

Fisheye + Macro Essential Lens.

John and Susan were celebrating their 50th anniversary. All of their children, cousins and other friends came in from all over the country for a picnic. In trying to assemble for a group photo to capture this once in a lifetime event, it was difficult to fit everyone in the frame. One of John and Susan’s children had an olloclip Fisheye lens system so attached it to her phone. Not only did it fit the entire group into the frame, its spherical effect captured the essence of the large family in a photo that all of them cherish. Of all the gifts and well wishes from that day, John and Susan enjoy that group photo every day.

By simply unscrewing the upper lens of the olloclip Fisheye/Macro, Susan used the macro lens to snap a quick macro photo of the diamond in the anniversary ring that John gave her. She keeps that close up of the facets in the diamond in a frame on her nightstand.

Telephoto 2x Essential Lens.

Karen and Mary were finally ready for the concert that they had been planning for months. They were excited about their 3rd row seats. Because the venue would not allow cameras, Karen thought to bring her olloclip telephoto lens. During the concert, the lead singer looked at Karen and she took a photo using her Telephoto 2x lens system. The singer’s face was framed in the photo as though he was posing for Karen a few feet away. Now, Karen and Mary can look at the photo every day and remember the concert like it was a private performance just for them.

Macro Essential Lens.

Some people focus on landscape or buildings, buy Katie likes to take pictures of really small things. When some people see a cactus, Katie sees the needles and the buds within the blooms. Using olloclip’s Macro lens series; ranging from 7x, 14x, and 21x zoom, Katie can not only see the aspects of the tiny world all around us, but can capture great photos of it as well. The photos that Katie frames reveal the details all around us, and Katie captures them to enjoy all the time.

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