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The Original Mobile Lens System

Attaching Clips and Lenses to Your Phone



How it works

Attaching an olloclip lens system over your phone's existing camera lens changes the cameras perspective & field of view. The patented design allows the user to place a lens on the front and rear camera of the phone. Choose from over 11 lenses which include wide-angles, fisheye, telephoto & macro lenses.



Olloclip lenses are designed to swap in and out of the clip, which is then mounted onto your device. 

We offer phone clips for:

iPhone Xs Max

iPhone XS

iPhone XR

iPhone X

iPhone 8/7

iPhone 8/7 Plus

iPhone SE

Multi-Device - For most phones including iPhone 6/6S



iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max



How to use




Super-Wide Lens

A Wide-Angle lens allows you to capture more in your photo or video. It offers a wider field of view than the normal human eye can see. It's the most commonly used lens for everyday use. Recommended for:

  • Travel ( Sightseeing, Landscapes, Seascapes)
  • Architecture
  • Group & Selfie photos
  • Events (Parties, Weddings, Sporting)
  • Real Estate (Interiors, Exteriors, Commercial, Construction)
  • Work
  • School
  • General Photography



Ultra-Wide Lens

The Ultra-Wide lens offers a wider field of view than the super-wide with noticeable lens distortion on the edges of the photo or video. Recommended for:

  • Action Sports (Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Cycling, Motocross, etc.)
  • Travel
  • Architecture



Fisheye Lens

The Fisheye lens in an extreme wide angle lens that offers a spherical perspective to photos and videos. Offering a 180 degree field of view, these lenses are used for fun and creative photography. Recommended for:

  • Action Sports ( Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Cycling, etc.)
  • Travel



Telephoto 2x Lens

A Telephoto lens is used for getting a closer shot of your subject from a moderate distance. Our telephoto lenses gets you 2x closer. When placed over a phone's built in telephoto lens, you can get up to 4x closer to your subject without using digital zoom. Recommended for:

  • Portraits
  • Wildlife
  • Concerts & Events
  • Product Photography


*When using any telephoto, a tripod or other stabilization device is highly recommended in order to avoid camera shake and software delays that result in blurred photos. 




Macro Lens

Macro lenses are used for extreme close-up photography. You will want to use this lens to take sharp and highly detailed images of a small subject.  Recommended for: 

  • Nature
  • Insects 
  • Small Print
  • Creative Photography 

Multiple options are available.



Check out our other accessories that compliment your lens set and enhance your photography/videography today!



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