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    Capture stunning video with confidence at any angle with olloclip’s all-new Pivot grip. Incorporating an innovative articulating hub, Pivot provides 225° of rotation to ensure proper positioning when shooting everything from an aggressive session at the skate park to playful days at the beach. It’s even water resistant so you can take it for a dive when using a waterproof camera. The compact ergonomic design results in a more natural hand-feel and features passive stabilization, minimizing the amount of shakiness in your video. Connect your mobile device or favorite camera through the included Universal Clamp, 1/4-20 mount or GoPro® adapter. And with an integrated cold shoe mount, you can attach lightweight accessories like a light or microphone quickly and easily.

    Getting Started

    Cold Shoe Insert

    Go Pro® Mount


    Universal Clamp



    Connecting to Universal Clamp

    Connecting to Universal Clamp Step 1

    Step 1Screw universal clamp clockwise onto 1/4-20 tripod mount of Pivot grip. Turn adjustable collar to secure in desired position.

    Connecting to Universal Clamp 2

    Step 2Expand hinge on universal clamp to size of smartphone.

    Connecting to Universal Clamp 3

    Step 3Insert smartphone until flush against back of clamp.

    Connecting to Universal Clamp Tip

    TipMake sure back of smartphone is facing outward.


    Connecting to GoPro Mount

    Connecting to GoPro Mount 1

    Step 1Screw GoPro mount clockwise onto 1/4-20 tripod mount of Pivot grip. Turn adjustable collar to secure in desired position.

    Connecting to GoPro Mount 2

    Step 2Insert GoPro camera into slotted mount and use existing thumbscrew to lock in place.

    TipUse Pivot with a GoPro for on land and underwater adventures.


    Connecting to ¼-20 Tripod Mount

    Tripod Mount 1

    Step 1Screw compact camera clockwise onto 1/4-20 tripod mount of Pivot grip. Turn adjustable collar to secure in desired position.

    Tripod Mount Tip

    TipThe passive stabilization of Pivot minimizes camera shake in video content.


    Connecting to Olloclip Studio

    Connecting to Olloclip Studio 1

    Step 1Attach Studio 1/4-20 tripod accessory mount directly onto the 1/4-20 tripod mount of Pivot grip. Turn adjustable collar to secure in desired position.

    Connecting to Olloclip Studio 2

    Step 2Slide Studio accessory mount along rail of Studio case to desired location.

    Connecting to Olloclip Studio Tip

    TipStudio comes with tripod mount attachments for both portrait and landscape orientation.


    Using Cold Shoe Mount

    Using Cold Shoe Mount 1

    Step 1Remove cold shoe insert.

    Using Cold Shoe Mount 2

    Step 2Attach a lightweight microphone or light, and secure into cold shoe mount.

    Using Cold Shoe Mount 3


    Holding and Rotation

    Holding and Rotation 1

    Step 1To hold, grip the handle of Pivot and insert your index finger into the ring.

    Holding and Rotation 2

    Step 2To adjust articulation, depress the rotation-lock button on the side of Pivot and rotate hub to desired position.

    Holding and Rotation Tip

    TipThere is no right or wrong way to hold Pivot, but we recommend always using a wrist strap.

    Care and Maintenance

    We recommend keeping your device and olloclip products free of all debris and foreign particles to prevent any damage to either product. olloclip products will not damage your device. However, debris and foreign particles that come between your olloclip product and device could cause damage. Prior to putting your olloclip product on your device, use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean your device. It is also recommended that you ensure there is not any debris or foreign particles on the olloclip product itself. Placing an olloclip product on a device with a broken front or rear glass may cause pieces of glass to become embedded into the olloclip product and could cause damage to devices with which the olloclip product is subsequently used.

    Warranty Information

    1-Year Warranty: We provided a One Year Limited Warranty for all olloclip products. They are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal use for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. At the sole discretion of olloclip, any defective product will be repaired or replaced with the same or an equivalent product. All original olloclip products must be purchased directly from olloclip or from an authorized reseller to be eligible for and covered under the One Year Limited Warranty. A sales receipt from the original olloclip authorized reseller is required for warranty service.

    Exclusions: Our One Year Limited Warranty does not cover misuses, accidental damage, or abuse. Any damage caused by alterations made to an olloclip product or by using the olloclip product for other than its intended use is not covered under warranty. Damage to any non-olloclip product is excluded with any limitation. Shipping charges associated with returning any product for warranty service are not covered under the One Year Limited Warranty.

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