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Race to the World Cup



Senna Leith

U.S. Snowboard Team  |  Racing World Cup Snowboard-Cross


Meet Senna Leith. His hometown of Vail, Colorado USA couldn't be more perfect for this Professional Snowboarder who's mastery is in the sport of Snowboard-Cross. He was born into a family that loves winter sports. So naturally he has a love for adventure and excitement flowing through his veins.



Growing up in Colorado, he learned to ski at the age of 4. He was the only kid in the family that even wanted to snowboard so he tried it for the first time at age 7 and that was the beginning. He began competing at the age of 10 and by the time he was 16 years old, he was fully immersed in the sport of Snowboard Cross. 

Senna found himself competing internationally, which set him on a path to go after the World Cup. He went on to win the North American tour at the age of 19 and experienced his first World Cup podium in Russia, during his rookie year. 




"Life's better when you're racing." - Senna Leith




Senna was born with the perfect combination of technical ability, physical strength, and mental agility that's necessary to perform at these extreme levels of speed. This rare combination of traits, allows him to mentally and physically withstand the forces that snowboard cross athletes are capable of generating while racing down a course at speeds of up to 70mph. 

Today he continues to pursue his dream for the World Cup as an athlete on the US Snowboard Team. Priding himself in his organizational skills and focused discipline, he is well on his way to achieving that goal and we are behind him 100%. 



Senna has been part of the Olloclip Community since the iPhone 6 to his current iPhone XS. Since then, his lens system has been in his travel bag every step of the way. Photographing and documenting all of his experiences with coaches, teammates, and time spent enjoying life is important to him. His style of photography is inviting and creates the feeling of being there with him.



His favorite place to be is in Hawaii. There he retreats to recover and focus on all of the blessings in his life. There in the secret lagoons, majestic green mountains, and underwater worlds, he refers to Hawaii as a "secret slice of heaven."




As a true outdoorsman, he can be found mountain biking, hiking, free diving, running, skydiving, cliff jumping and pretty much anything that fuels that rush of adrenaline that he enjoys so much.



Join us as we rally behind Senna on the road to the 2020 World Cup


Visit Senna on Instagram.






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Senna Leith

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