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The olloclip community consists of people that come from all walks of life and from virtually every corner of the world. We recognize and appreciate the joy, creativity, and art through photography that our community shares with us and the world. As a result, it has inspired many to seek out new experiences and see things from a unique and different perspective. Here we highlight and recognize our community of Incredible Storytellers who inspire not only us, but others as well.


Creative Director | North Carolina, USA


Services:   Creative Directing, Social Media Marketing Consulting, Product Testing and Design, Photography and Videography 

Equipment: Apple iPhone Xs Max, Xs, Xr, X & 8 Plus, Sony A7RII, Sony A6000

I have always been fascinated and inspired by good stories. I think one of the things we take for granted as we get older is that power of storytelling. If you can tell a good story you can inspire and invoke change in almost anyone. It’s been my passion to pursue a kind of visual storytelling through my photography, and sometimes combining that with captions or articles I write. I wasn’t always interested in photography, in fact I didn’t invest in a good camera until well after I left college. It wasn’t until stumbling into a deep depression and nearly drinking myself to death that a good friend pulled me out of misery, dragged me into a car, threw a camera in my hand and said, “go crazy.” I fell in love with it almost instantly. Discovering my passion for the outdoors, the outdoor community, and photography quite literally saved my life. Eventually I got my MBA and left my job as a nuclear scientist for the Dept. of Energy, deciding to blend my love of business, creating, and storytelling into a job I love: Creative Directing.

I stumbled upon my first olloclip® lens in Banff National Park in Canada. I was shooting photos at lake Moraine on my Sony A7RII and I saw a guy using an olloclip® Wide-Angle lens with his iPhone to shoot a time-lapse and thought that was the coolest thing ever and bought one the very next day. Since then I’ve taken far more photos on my phone than ever before. 

Favorite olloclip® Lens: As a landscape photographer, a wider field of view is everything and olloclip’s® Wide-Angle lenses have been game-changing in for my mobile photography. In fact, quite a few photos I’ve taken for even Fortune 500 clients have been shot on my iPhone and not my Sony. 

"The old axiom about the best camera being the one you have with you could not be more true for me. The number of times I’ve stumbled into somewhere or something amazing and didn’t have my trusty Sony camera, but did have my olloclip® and iPhone is astounding and some of my favorite photos are ones I’ve #shotoniphone with olloclip®." - Matt Van Swol


Pay it Forward

James Leithart is a close friend of mine and one of the very few people in the beginning who persisted in encouraging me to pursue my dreams. He's an incredible videographer, drone operator, photographer and hard-core adventurer. James moved to Albania in pursuit of his dreams and recently started gaining a following on YouTube due to his creative videography and informative, yet fun videos. He's an incredible human and even better friend.

Go follow him on                @mattvanswol

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