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Omar De Jesus



The olloclip community consists of people that come from all walks of life and from virtually every corner of the world. Here we highlight and recognize our community of Incredible Storytellers who inspire not only us, but others as well. 



HR Analyst  |  Photographer 

Nashville, Tennessee U.S.A.

Instagram:   @streetsbyomar

Twitter:   @streetsbyomar

Profession(s):   HR Analyst, Photographer

Services: Freelance Photography (Portraiture, Lifestyle, Events)

Photography Genre: Urban and Street

Gear:   Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Nikon D3300, Olloclip Pro Super-Wide Lens

Works & Prints:

Contact Email:


I am an urban and street photographer. My passion for photography started a few years after I graduated from college. It started with documenting my family and lifestyle using a Go Pro action camera.

I work as an HR Analyst and my focus is System Administrator and Social Media Content Creator. When I began working in downtown Nashville, I would walk the streets a lot. This led to focusing on capturing architectural shots. What's exciting about photography is the unknown. While walking the streets, you never know what will happen. Whether it be sunny or rainy, I love creating in any type of weather because I am faced with different scenarios.



With my iPhone photography, I started out using the iPhone 5. Shortly after upgrading to an iPhone 6, my wife discovered olloclip. I immediately noticed the difference and the advantage of using olloclip lenses. It allowed me to capture a different perspective that people where not used to seeing.

For me the iPhone and olloclip lenses are a perfect combination. The days I don’t have my DSLR, I carry the clip when I go for a walk around the city. When I see something that captures my eyes, I can put the lens on and shoot quickly.




I enjoy taking candid shots of people in the city and I love taking photos of those special instances that will not happen again, whether that be a sunrise, light and shadows around the city buildings, or sunsets. Photography has allowed me to meet so many people in Nashville and on social media platforms. It’s important for me to share images taken on a phone with others. I want to show that phones nowadays do an excellent job. 





Architecture to me is unique. Those that create and design the plans for each building are very talented and have an amazing vision. I feel so many people walk by places and don't pay enough attention to the details. I like to take my time when I walk the city and I especially make sure to look up often. How they build skyscrapers is very impressive . For me, the most important aspect is how the light bounces and reflects off of the buildings. 





The most memorable photo shot using an olloclip lens is one that I took of the skyline while walking to my car, ready to head home after work. The sunset turned out to be one of the most amazing ones I have ever seen. The sunset was amazing by itself but as a photographer I not only take the photo, but I really focus on editing it to my style.

I call the photo Cotton Candy Nashville.




If you are looking to get into photography and only have your phone, the advice I would give you is to get out and explore your city. Shoot with your phone as often as you can. Don't just photograph what is head of you. Remember to look up, down, and backwards.  Sometimes those scenes are more interesting. Find free phone apps that allow you to edit on the go and take your time editing. Some of my favorite editing apps are Lightroom and VSCO. 

Keep Shooting!!!



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Omar De Jesus

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