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Ryan Tuerck is one of the most visible drivers in the Action Motorsports scene. A championship caliber driver in the Formula Drift series, Ryan has transcended drifting to become a hero for all automotive lifestyle enthusiasts. Through Ryan’s ultra popular YouTube series, “Tuerck’d”, he has amassed thousands of fans and millions of views around the world.



Shot with Fisheye




Ryan grew up in the action sports world as a professional motocross racer and an avid BMX rider - which contributes to his appeal growing beyond the typical motorsports fan. Tuerck lives his life by continually pushing his comfort zone and finds happiness drifting inches from a wall at 100 mph or jumping 80 foot doubles on a dirtbike. Picture that.


Shot with Fisheye


Shot with Fisheye


 Shot with Fisheye

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Professional Drifting Driver

Ryan Tuerck

Professional Drifting Driver

Ryan Tuerck

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