Want to know how to unlock mega zoom on your iPhone?

That new Telephoto or Macro lens works great over iPhone X’s Telephoto camera!

iPhone X Tele

Your new olloclip lens system for iPhone X is equipped to work with a Telephoto or Macro lens over the Telephoto camera - doubling the effect of the lens.

iPhone 8/7 Plus users can also align over the Telephoto camera on their device by flipping the lens in the clip


  • Attach the lens system with the Telephoto or Macro lens aligned with the T/2x on the back of the clip.
  • Open the iPhone Camera app.
  • Select “Portrait” from the options menu - this hard selects use of the Telephoto camera only.

Apple Camera App

WHY the BLACK SCREEN?... Because the Apple Camera app switches intermittently between the Wide-Angle and Telephoto cameras, digital zoom is only possible at less than 2x. After 2x zoom, the Apple Camera app triggers intermittent use of the Telephoto or Wide-Angle cameras based on available light. For this reason, it is very likely you will encounter a black screen if attempting to zoom in the Apple Camera app.

NOTE: The "depth of field" effect in Portrait Mode will not work because the lens system is covering the Wide-Angle camera (the Wide-Angle camera is what creates the soft focused background). However, the Telephoto lens is a great for portraits because of its shallower depth of field and natural ability to separate a subject from distinctly its background.

In “Portrait” you will achieve a fixed 4x optical zoom when combining the Telephoto lens over the Telephoto camera. Digital zoom is disabled in Portrait mode.

How do I ZOOM?

Additional features, like zoom, can be achieved with use of a 3rd party app (e.g. ProCamera) which allows you to select between the Telephoto & Wide-Angle cameras.

ProCamera App

You are now set to full functionality of the Telephoto camera - including features like digital zoom up to 24x when combining the Telephoto lens with the Telephoto camera.