My love affair with black and white started after first laying eyes on "Candy Cigarette" by Sally Mann. If you've seen the photo, to say it's captivating is an understatement. The contrast between the dark tones and bright highlights almost stop me from losing concentration. Black and white to me keeps things simple. It's moody yet euphoric.

I have a very simple camera set up that allows me to be free and flexible, to be always in the moment, and I think it's just that, that makes me happy... the moment.


To me, that moment strikes when it's least expected and my process is hugely simple. I have my olloclip lens always in my pocket and a great app that lets me see the world differently.

Being familiar with your own set up gives you a connection, a bit like that old friend that you only see once a year but you always pick up from where you last left off.


My black and white photography is shot, more often or not, with the Blackie app. The moods that it helps create allows me to see every walk, every step as totally different. Black and white inspires and captures the simplicity of life in a moody, complicated appearance. My olloclip allows me to experiment with width and depth and I adore that, it's hugely advantageous to have access to so many perspectives.


Because of the Active Lenses unique ability to expand my iPhone's capabilities, I see things differently. I try to take photos wherever I am, whether this is my daily commute to work or that walk along the fields where you tend to take the dog, by using Blackie, I have been able to play around with the various grains, films and vignettes until I find something that truly resonates with my surroundings, I can then keep those settings for that time out and experiment with all sorts of angles.

Mobile photography allows you to express yourself in so many different ways and helps you find your true voice. In collaboration with your olloclip lens, you have exceptional reason to enjoy every moment all over again.