Real estate agents often rely on the power of well-cured galleries to entice potential buyers. If the photos aren’t on point, there’s a good chance that buyers won’t make it past the photos and into the home.

There is a lot to take into consideration when photographing a luxury home. The home should be presented in the best light possible without being misleading, and to achieve this the photographer must have the proper equipment.

Enter Dominic Zendejas, a real estate professional with KASE representing buyers and sellers in Orange and Los Angeles counties. Due to his line of work, Dominic has access to some of the best luxury homes in the area. Armed with his iPhone and olloclip lenses in hand, Dominic set out to capture some amazing spaces.

Here are Dominic’s ollo tips for real estate photography.

Tip 1. Angle/Positioning

Always back up to the farthest corner of the home and/or room for the shot. Best use is the Wide-Angle to get a great idea of height of the room as well as how big the space truly is. 

room 1

Tip 2. Lighting

Make sure there is enough natural light that comes through the windows/doors in the room and if not enough, turn on the lights to have a true color or feel for the room. Since the flash cannot be used, lighting is hugely important to capture the upgrades, textures, or colors in a room. 

room 2

Tip 3. Focus

The focus of the camera has to be set in the foreground or on a fixed item in the photo (i.e. Fridge, table, fireplace, kitchen island, etc.) The main focus should be in the center of the shot and have the remaining free space be shown by the Wide-Angle lens. 

room 3

Tip 4. Get Creative

Find the most unique upgrades in the home, glass staircase, infinity pool, floating vanity, granite kitchen island, and truly showcase! I have found most of my shots that are the most fun to take/look at have something unique in the home and it almost tells a story about that home, like its unique fingerprint. Find those creative upgrades, amenities, or hidden gems in the home and make sure to capture in a larger than life manner! 

Frank Caruso, mover and shaker in the real estate industry, and owner of HomeSurfer finds the lenses indispensable in his everyday life.

“I can honestly say I don’t go to work without my olloclip. There have been numerous occasions where I have actually driven back home to get it.

I am fortunate enough to be exposed to some amazing properties here in the greater San Diego area and the olloclip enable me to effectively convey those properties my followers, and more importantly my clients.

When it comes to photos and video, the olloclip has proven to be a necessary tool for my success. Even when FaceTiming with clients who aren’t able to physically walk the property, I’ve found that the olloclip gives a better feel of the space than the standard iPhone camera lens. The Wide-Angle lens enables me to capture an entire room with ease and without distortion.” Said Frank.

A popular motif on Frank’s HomeSurfer page are these stunning staircases that immediately grab your attention. They tie in perfectly to Dominic’s last tip about finding the most unique upgrades in the home.

staircases Photo credit: @homesurfer