Change is inevitable. Just like seasons are ever-changing, so is technology.

September brought forth the release of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the exclusive iPhone X set to ship later this year, and we could not have been more excited to announce the compatibility of our iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Lens Sets with the new iteration.

We love that our loyal fans get excited about what’s in store for the Apple and ollocip brand. Regardless of the ever-changing technology, our dedication to making our fans happy will remain unchanged, because the future of iPhone deserves the world’s best lens system.

10) You can never go wrong photographing flowers, especially ones kissed by heavenly dew.

9) Sometimes it’s nice to feel as though we’re in our own little secluded beach.

8) It’s all in the details and it’s easy to discover some of the best in nature.

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7) This cute pup is soaking up every last bit of summer, because Fall is just around the corner!

6) The presentation alone won us over, but no ice cream is too pretty to be devoured. Even if it has a macaron as a topping.

5) Leading lines are a great technique to know about when taking photos. John used them perfectly for depth in this shot. Check out our blog about leading lines for more tips.

4) Wild horses at the top of a hill is quite a sight to see.

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3) These shots are always exciting, because they just leave one’s mind wondering where the next travel destination will be.

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2) Two of our favorite things in one photo. A Ferris wheel and a dope sunset.

And coming in at number one...

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