February is the month of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Cupid really did a number on us and we fell in love with so many of your amazing shots!

We noticed a cool trend of frozen bubbles that really grabbed our attention. It’s great to see so many of you using our Macro Lenses to capture some really creative shots. Please keep them coming.

Your travel photos were a good reminder to get out and explore, because as you already know we’re big fans of traveling to new and exciting destinations. Whether it’s a fun snowboarding trip with friends, or a relaxing day at the beach… we like it all.

We hope you all enjoy the photos we’ve selected for the month of February, and if your photo didn’t make the cut don’t worry there’s always next month.

10) There's nothing like going on an adventure with friends.

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9) Anyone need a lift?

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8) When all you see is snow in every direction, it's good to have pals who can help navigate.

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7) Who knew a frozen bubble could look so magical?

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6) Sometimes all you have to do is look up for inspiration.

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5) The ocean is so vast and beautiful. It can really put into perspective just how small we reallly are in the grand scheme of things.

4) Catharine includes an olloclip Core Lens Set in her everyday carry. What do you include in yours?

3) An ollogram gives photos such an interesting perspective. Like this shot of the sand and water captured by @myone_hisonly, which looks really inviting through the lens.


2) We could not resist this little guy's charm. Our Macro lens captures it well.

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And coming in at number one...