Images Speak Louder

A pretty photo is nice to look at, but there are some photos that words simply cannot describe. It’s more of the feeling you get from looking at them.

This month we had the privilege of welcoming KTLA 5 into our HQ in Huntington Beach, CA. Tech reporter Rich DeMuro and his crew filmed a nice segment on our lenses, and we were overjoyed to watch it on TV.

While filming the segment we came across a performer whose kind soul and even kinder words struck a chord with us. With a guitar in hand and a tune in his heart he sang a song that could not be ignored. “Do my best, let love do the rest.” That was his message, and a sincere one at that.

We managed to capture a few shots of our performer friend. If every wrinkle tells a story, this kind soul could teach us all a little something special.  Maybe his words can ring true for you too. You can find him in the #1 spot.

10) "Hiking in the hills today and seeing Layers on Layers across the hilltops of Sarajevo, worth baring the heat at the end of the day to see the landscape that surrounds the city."

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9) The beauty in nature is that there is an infinite amount of things to photograph. For example, a simple succulent can be magnified to be admired in detail.

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8) With the right editing apps and a good foundation, a nice photo can turn into an excellent one.

7) Sometimes spontaneous travel plans can be the most exciting and rewarding.

6) It’s safe to say that a well-framed foodie photo is just so much more appetizing. What do you think?

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5) Halloween is closer than you think and this photo sets the mood perfectly.

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4) When you visit Iceland and you absolutely must capture it in all its glory, our Fisheye’s 180° spherical effect can definitely handle the job.

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3) The steel blue ladybug is commonly found in Australia. Its unique color makes it the perfect muse to frame a beautiful photo.

2) “I was born to be real, not to be perfect.” When a photo can evoke deep emotion that’s when you know it’s not just a pretty photo, it’s much more than that.

And coming in at number one...

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