Being a family originally from the southwest, we are absolutely in love with the DC metro area and are so grateful to live here. From gorgeous landscapes to historical sites, we are in awe of everything this area has to offer, however, it can be a little much for a family with kids, let alone a family with two toddlers.

We’ve had our fair share of tantrums and meltdowns while trying to enjoy the peaceful spirit of the Lincoln Memorial or while trying to show our reverence at the Arlington Cemetery. Since moving here we’ve learned that there is much more than monuments and museums, which provide a family-friendly environment for all to enjoy.

Clemyjontri Park, McLean, VA


This vibrant two-acre playground is truly a gem for kids of all abilities. Located off the Georgetown Pike in McLean, Virginia, it’s such a unique location for children to run free and for some amazing photographs. My favorite lens to use here is the olloclip Wide-Angle to capture as much of the playground as I can. Because my children love to run from one area to the other, it’s easier to get them in a Wide-Angle shot.


I love this location because my kids are able to be happy and I can have some unique photos to share or keep.

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center | National Air & Space Museum, Chantilly, VA


To be surrounded by many historical planes like the famous Concorde, or to be amid the grandeur of the US Discovery shuttle is amazing for adults and kids alike. It’s a big, open area with a lot of good natural lighting, along with some artificial light, making it easier to appreciate even the smallest details on the planes. (Natural light is my favorite for pictures!)

The Wide-Angle olloclip lens is perfect for capturing as many planes as I can in one shot, or for getting as much of the US Discovery as I can in a single picture.


Great Falls National Park, McLean, VA


Sometimes it’s good to be outside and get some fresh air. It’s even better when children can be amazed by some of the most beautiful rushing waters, then can run free in the grass while collecting crunchy fall leaves. This park is along the Potomac River in Fairfax County and is where the Patowmack Canal began operating in the 1700’s. It’s the perfect place to get your historical fix while basking in breathtaking nature.


Glencarlyn Park, Arlington, VA 7

When we think of Arlington we didn’t really think of Glencarlyn Park, until we visited this place for the first time. It’s a wonderful gem located 6 miles away from the Arlington National Cemetery. The tall trees and stream running through them makes for a picturesque location. There is a trail along the entire park where we can stroll around. The kids loved throwing rocks into the little stream and climbing on logs. This location is highly recommended for families with wild little tots or for anyone who loves a good nature walk.

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