Leading lines are sometimes considered some of the most useful elements in photography. These naturally occurring or created lines will help bring the viewers eyes to the focus of your photo naturally and easily. Typically, leading lines will draw your eyes from the bottom the photo to the main focus of the photo. You can find them in buildings, roads, or even in the sky.

Once you start looking for leading lines, you'll start to see them everywhere.

demi Photo by @iidemii

For Depth:

When taking a photo, try to photograph a car in the background or a person walking along a path to show more depth in your photo. Using leading lines to give a photo more depth, can make a photo look even more dramatic. Sometimes, a leading line can look like it never ends, like the photo below by Maurice Kuijten.

mauricekuijten Photo by @mauricekuijten

Natural Lines:

Sometimes, the leading lines are not even physical objects, they may just be shadows or clouds in the sky. With the way that the clouds and the reflection of the sky on the sandy beach are working together, in the photo below, it allows your eyes to quickly focus on the two surfers walking along.

ken Photo by @jrkenworthy


Sometimes, leading lines can also help you to create symmetry in your photo. Notice how in the below photo the path and the metal roofing are symmetrical? Both of these together helps drawing in your viewers eyes to the center of your photo even more.

andres Photo by @andreshermelo

As always, these are just tips and it is up to you as a photographer to decide what works for you. If you want to ignore leading lines, so be it. Photography is about having fun and being creative. As long as you are happy with the photos that you have produced, that is all that matters.

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