1 David Raymond of Hidden Hospitals enjoying some sunshine in Flint, MI // Shot on iPhone 7 w/ olloclip Super-Wide Lens

When HIDDEN HOSPITALS offered an opportunity to tag along on their tour this summer, I jumped at the chance. Being on the road is like medicine for my soul, and to be able to share that time with the awesome humans in and around Hidden Hospitals was an absolute delight.

2 Polaroids at the merch table // iPhone 7 w/ olloclip Fisheye Lens

3 A moment in the weeds before a rock show in Dekalb, IL. // iPhone 7 + -olloclip 15x Macro Lens. Shot by David Raymond

We traveled around the U.S. for 6 weeks as the band started the journey toward the release of a 2nd full length album, entitled ~ LIARS. One of the new songs the guys played live for the first time is called “Smile & Wave”, a perfect microcosm of what HH does so well as a band, blending beautifully broken alternative rock with sprinkles of electronic elements to create a fresh yet familiar take on what people have come to love about bands like Thrice and Mutemath.


“You’re beautiful
I must say I’m head over heels
Clicking my feet three times
There’s no place…”

~Hidden Hospitals // “Smile & Wave”

There is something magical about the first moments a new song takes shape into the wind - When it is no longer for those who created it, but for the rest of us. These first moments felt like magic in the rooms the band played on this tour. The already amazing camera in the iPhone 7 coupled with the olloclip Core Lens Set was so much fun to throw on the Tiffen “Smoothee” Steadicam while I followed the band as they set out on this exciting new adventure.

Here’s to all those adventures yet to come ~


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