Is my new olloclip lens system compatible with the iPhone 8/7 Plus 56mm Telephoto camera? Yes.


The olloclip Connect™ lens system was designed with the capability to use all of the cameras on the iPhone 8/7 & 8/7 Plus - including the 56mm Telephoto camera. The optics were optimized to perform best with the rear Wide-Angle and the front FaceTime cameras. After some field testing, we’re excited to announce that our new system is also the ONLY lens seamlessly compatible with the iPhone 8/7 Plus Telephoto camera.

To align instantly with the 56mm Telephoto camera, iPhone 8/7 Plus users can quickly and easily flip the lens base within the clip, it takes about 2 seconds. To use a lens over the rear Telephoto camera, select Portrait in the native Camera app. Additional features, like zoom, can be achieved with use of a 3rd party app (e.g. ProCamera) which allows you to select between the Telephoto & Wide-Angle cameras. Results may vary, and that’s all part of the fun in creating beautiful photos that are unique from anything else you are capturing.

Because the Apple camera app switches intermittently between the Wide Angle and Telephoto cameras depending on light in the “2x mode” and while pinch zooming, you will not be able to use iPhone’s native camera app to zoom. If you are experiencing a black screen when using the Apple camera app, this is why - the lens is over the Telephoto camera, but the app is attempting to use a digital zoom on the Wide Angle camera.

If you’re wanting to double down on the Telephoto camera with the olloclip 2x Telephoto lens, we’ve found that it works great on the 56mm camera. That gives you a 4x optical zoom holding your subject in crisp clarity with no digital zoom distortion. Telephoto is ideal for portraits and creating a nice bokeh (blurred background).

annette 1 No lens annette 2x olloclip 2x Telephoto Lens annette 4x 56mm Telephoto in conjunction with the olloclip 2x Telephoto Lens

But it doesn't stop there. The Macro lenses are great too! Macro lenses used over the Telephoto camera produce double their normal magnification, while the Super-Wide and Fisheye lenses have a reduced field-of-view but achieve the same optical effect. Use the InstaFocus™ hoods with Macro lenses to help with finding the right focal distance and balancing and diffusing light.

At olloclip we have always been about creative options and now with the addition of the Telephoto camera on the iPhone 8/7 Plus you have even more ways to use your olloclip lenses.