Like many forms of travel, bike touring is all about packing light.

bike tour 1 Adam Pawlikiewicz bikes through Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Adam joined Tyler for the second half of his bike tour across the country along Adventure Cycling's TransAmerica bike route.

Before departing on a 107-day bike tour across the country, from Washington, D.C. to the west coast of Washington State’s Olympic National Park, I spent a few months planning my route and preparing for the long journey ahead. In this time I came across a number of great pieces of advice from people who had taken similar trips, and many people stated the importance of packing light. As one cross-country cyclist noted “Memories weigh less than luggage.” My goal in taking the journey was to document the trip for National Geographic, and throughout the bike tour I planned to use a diversity of tools to capture stills and video from my phone. I was excited, therefore, when I discovered the olloclip 4-in-1 lens set, which would allow me to capture a good range of angles from my iPhone 6.

bike tour 3Mt. Bachelor as seen through hazy skies from Broken Top Mountain near Bend, Oregon.

Over the course of the four month bike journey, I used the olloclip lens set to capture everything from towering mountain backdrop stills in Wyoming to video montages in front of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. And not only did the lenses look great, the ease of switching lenses was a breeze thanks to the olloclip Studio Case, which to this day, I continue to keep wrapped around my iPhone, six months after having completed the cross-country bike journey. As I rode over mountain passes and across long stretches of desert, I kept my iPhone and olloclip lenses within hand’s reach in my handlebar bag. At any given moment, I could slip the phone out of its resting place and take a shot while continuing to roll down the road. Video was made extremely easy thanks to the Finger Grip attachment on my Studio Case, which allowed me to hold on to the phone under bumpy conditions.

Bike tour 2Mountain views and glacial lakes on Broken Top mountain near Bend, Oregon.

In all, the olloclip lens set and case were a convenient addition to my trip, and one that I will keep at my side during all lightweight journeys.