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  • The olloclip® Quick-Flip Case

    More than a sleek and attractive case for the iPhone, the new
    Quick-Flip turns your iPhone into a mobile photo studio.

    • Designed for the iPhone 5/5s and the 4/4s
    • Sleek, lightweight and attractive case
    • Quick-Flip corner rotates so an olloclip lens can easily be attached and becomes a dedicated shutter release
    • Included and removable Pro-Photo Adapter for mounting your device to a tripod or other photographic accessories
    • Special adapter makes the case compatible with the iPod touch 5th Generation
  • The olloclip® Quick-Flip Case

    • Quick-Flip Corner - A corner of the Quick-Flip Case rotates to expose the camera
      so users can easily attach an olloclip lens without removing the case
    • Shutter Release - For greater ease and convenience when you're on the go
      the Quick-Flip rotating corner also functions as a dedicated shutter release
      that presses the "volume up" (+) button on the iPhone to take
      photos or videos
  • Pro-Photo adapter

    Attach the Pro-Photo adapter in seconds and turn your iPhone into a mobile photo studio

  • Also available for the iPod Touch

    • Compatible with iPod touch 5th Generation
    • For even greater flexibility, the case comes with a special adapter so you can use it with the iPod touch 5th Generation as well as the iPhone

Pro-Photo Adapter

  • The included Pro-Photo Adapter slides easily onto the case for mounting the phone to a tripod or other photo/video accessories
  • Cold Shoe Mount for video lights*, microphones, or other attachments
  • Tripod Mount – Standard threaded mount-points make it easy to mount your device to a tripod*

*Video lights, microphones, tripods, and other accessories are not included with the case