Tips and Tricks

Take a look at these valuable suggestions on how to make the most of your olloclip and improve your mobile photography skills.


Focus on what’s important with the Fisheye lens.

Before shooting with a fisheye lens, determine the most important elements in your composition (placement or arrangement of visual elements). The subject you focus on will be sharp and clear but peripheral elements that are away from the center of the picture will have a characteristic fisheye stretch. Background elements are generally secondary when using this lens, so your foreground subjects must be able to carry the composition and provide power to the image.

Keep the foreground free.

When using the wide-angle lens, keep in mind that objects in the foreground (the part of view that is nearest to the observer) will be prominent. If foreground objects are large, bright, or colorful, they could overwhelm the photograph and draw attention away from a subject in the background. Use care in considering when to include an object in the foreground of your wide-angle photograph. Ultimately, photo composition is a matter of style. You may choose to have large, colorful objects in your foreground if it makes for a more exciting photograph. Bear in mind that you may be sacrificing attention on the background.

Some light on the subject.

Lighting is a major factor in taking great pictures with any camera, including the one on your iPhone, iPad, or Samsung Galaxy S. Taking photos where there isn’t enough light can heavily impact the overall picture quality, so make sure there’s as much light as possible. If you’re shooting indoors, keep the light to your back. Light behind your subject will only darken the image. Placing your subject in front of a light source will create “backlighting” which is desired as a dramatic effect from time to time.

Turn off the flash.

The olloclip lens covers the flash and if you have the flash on you will see bright spots in your picture. The iPhone flash is not powerful enough to cover the wider angles that the olloclip provides.

Keep things steady.

Regardless of how good your lighting is, make sure you hold your mobile device steady. Camera shake could blur your image — and ruin what could have been a perfect shot.